Daily Health Tips: Cut Fallopian Tubes.

Q: Good evening, Doc. The mouth of my fallopian tubes were removed. Do I have chance to get pregnant? It was thought tired it was cut off.

A: Hi dear, thanks for writing in.

Your question is quite confusing.

Does this mean that you had tubal ligation (a procedure in which the fallopian tubes are tied off preventing sperm from reaching the fallopian tube and meeting with an egg) and now you want to reverse that? If that is the case, this would involve removing the blocked part of the tubes and joining up the two ends. There is however, no guarantee that one would be able to get pregnant again as this method of contraception is quite effective.

Your question can also mean that you had tubal surgery and now wonder if you can get pregnant. Tubal surgery is usually done for people who have:

The decision to undertake repair with tubal surgery depends on the degree of damage. The doctor could decide to open up the blocked tubes with surgery or breakdown scar tissue that may have formed due to infections from PID. Again, pregnancy after this is not guaranteed and depends on the skill of the surgeon (ask for a surgeon who is specialized at this), the age of the woman, degree of tubal damage at the very beginning, the level of damage to the inner lining of the tubes which cannot be corrected etc

So, I suggest you book an appointment to see your doctor and have a long discussion on options open to you.

All the best!

Have a goodnight y’all 😀


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