Daily Health Tips: My Baby Poos A Lot

Q: Thanks so much Dr. I have an 8 month old child. I give him pap with peak123 milk and Friso gold rice base cereal. He poos a lot sometimes. Is it OK to give the two daily? Also is peak123 milk OK for an 8 month old? Thanks
A: Thanks for writing in and congratulations on your new baby! 😀
From birth to 6 months, you should give your baby only breast milk. From 6 months, you should still continue breastfeeding but other foods should be added. Most people start off with rice cereal. So, that’s okay. You can continue to give that but your baby should be having a whole lot more!
For tips on other foods for weaning, please click on these links:
Now as for the milk, there is a reason why it has 123 on it. It’s meant for children from the ages of 1 to 3 years old. Please continue to breast feed your baby. You can also use formula (milk). But no regular (cow) milk, please.
As for defecation (poo), the question is how many times does your baby poo now? What was the frequency before? If the number of times has significantly changed, then you may want to have a chat about this with your baby’s doctor.
In the meantime, be sure that you wash the baby’s utensils thoroughly and sterilize them. Wash your hands properly too before feeding baby. Be sure that anyone who helps take care of the baby observes the same rules of hygiene. Clean and sterilize his toys often too.
Hope y’all had a great day?
Have a fabulous night!
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