Daily Health Tips: Are Crackers Biscuits Good For Weight Loss?

Q: Happy New Year to you doctor. Wishing you a Glorious 2016. Doctor please, I want to know if cracker biscuit is healthy especially for someone watching her weight.
A: Happy New Year, sweetheart. Great to know that you’re starting the year with a focus on living healthier.
Now, we, sort of, all grew up knowing that Crackers were synonymous with healthy living, right? Well, wrong! I guess this was because then, most crackers were not really sweet and so if they were not sweet, they had to be good for you. Again, we got it all wrong.
Not all crackers are created equal. Some are okay and some are not so good. Remember that these crackers contribute towards your calorie intake per day. If you’re going to take this often, you need to commit to reading the labels on the pack. Here’s what to look out for when getting crackers:
Look out for the total fat. Usually the packs will show nutrition information for 100g. If the total fat is less than 5g you’re in good hands. Worst case, 10g. Try not to go above this.
Look for crackers with low saturated or trans fats. Saturated fat is associated with heart disease. Some manufacturers may try to be economical with the truth and use the term partially hydrogenated fats on the label. This indicates the snack has some trans fats. So, look for the crackers that has the least amount of saturated fats. Less than 1% is a good idea.
Finally, ensure that your crackers have low sodium. Aim for not more than 160mg in the quantity to consume. This essentially means, for example, if one cracker biscuit has 80mg of sodium, you should ideally have only 2 pieces. Remember that excessive intake of sodium contributes to high blood pressure and so you may want to take this advice seriously 😀
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Have a great evening, y’all 😀
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