Still On Diet….Who Said Anything About Eggs?

Q: Are eggs healthy to eat?

A: Over the years, we have heard many things about eggs…all of them bad! 😀 And really, no one is to blame for this because it was found that egg yolks contain a lot of cholesterol. Whaat?! The bad stuff that clogs up our blood?! And so, nobody wanted any part of it. However, recent studies have suggested that the amount of cholesterol in eggs plays a smaller role in increasing our total blood cholesterol than saturated fats present in cookies, pastries, cakes etc. In essence, this means that saturated fats in our cookies et al stand a better chance of increasing blood cholesterol than eggs. That is certainly cheery news.

However, I would say, that just like for seafood, which also has a high amount of cholesterol, if you have high cholesterol levels, it may be wise to limit your egg intake to occasional treats or speak with your doctor before embarking on a binge 😀

Generally, one egg per day should be fine for other people.

Eggs are chock full of proteins, vitamins and minerals and have only 85 calories in one. So this is a great idea for people watching their weight to have for breakfast as they also feel full for a longer period. However, it may be a wise idea to switch this up on different days of the week and ensure that we also have fibre at breakfast (like oats) to increase our intake of fibre which helps reduce blood cholesterol. Another option is a boiled egg on a piece of whole wheat toast.

Be sure that your eggs are well cooked. In fact, pregnant women, children, old people and generally, people who are unwell should have eggs that have their yolks and egg whites solid….after cooking, of course 😉 Also, store the eggs in their boxes in the fridge and be sure to finish egg dishes as soon as possible.

Have an egg-celent day 😀

Q: What about hides and skin (Ponmo)? Nutritious or not?

Q: Please what about eating Ponmo (skin) instead of the red meat?

A: I will start by saying that I know that we all love our ponmo and the delicious succulent texture it has in our mouths, when it has been well boiled and seasoned! It literally melts in your mouth! There’s just nothing like it! Should I be eating it though?

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