Daily Health Tips: Belching, Low Sperm Count & Size Concerns.

Q: Good Morning Dr. Ketch. Thanks for the job well done. More power to your elbow. Please, I have some questions pertaining to healthy living 1. What may be the cause of repeated belching of gas, whether eating or not to the point that one will have to throw-up at time before one could felt comfortable? Please what could be the cause and what is the remedy or cure for it? 2. Does the size of manhood has anything to do with sexual pleasure and satisfaction? If yes, what can be done to increase the size of manhood in all ramifications? 3. Please what are the foods that can increase the quality and quantity of sperm and also increase man power in bed?
A: Thanks for writing in. This is a three-in-one power house! 😀
‘Excess gas’ is produced in the body when we swallow it or when our body produces it as a result of what we have eaten. This is usually caused by the twin factors of what you have eaten and how you chose to eat it.
For what you have eaten, easy culprits are rich, fatty foods, beans, dairy (especially in lactose intolerant people), high fibre foods (if lots of water is not taken afterwards) etc.
How can how you eat cause you a problem?
If you tend to over-eat or rush your food (eat it very fast or like a friend of mine would say, ‘inhale’ it :D), then you are a target for bloating. The reason is that you eat so fast that you don’t give enough time for signals to travel to your brain from the stomach confirming that you are full. By the time that signal arrives, you are all stuffed up and bloated to boot! Note that it may take up to 20 minutes for those signals that confirm fullness to get to the brain…sounds like a long journey 😀
Other causes of bloating are swallowed air (which can happen when we eat too fast or drink too fast) and smoking.
This is really simple: Reduce portion sizes, limit your intake of fats, eat slowly, quit smoking and limit your intake of foods that cause this, if all else fails.
If your bloating is caused by swallowed air, avoid carbonated drinks (most soft drinks fall into this category), don’t drink with straws (at least on a regular basis) avoid chewing chord…oh, sorry! 😀 I meant to say, avoid chewing gum and stay off your candies that you suck so hard and suck in quite a bit of air too!
Remember that if this ‘gassiness’ continues ‘regularly, you should see your doctor to be sure this is not the symptom of something else.
Now to number 2:
The issue of penile length has been a problem forever and people generally think that bigger is better. Is it? The average penile length is about 8 to 13cm when not erect and this can be pushed up to 13 to 18cm when erect, give or take a few. Does the penile size determine whether a man can father a child or not? Absolutely not…penile size does not affect fertility.
A woman’s vagina is about 7.5cm and would lengthen to about 10cm when aroused and so, generally, there should be no problems with sexual intercourse as the average length of a penis can adequately cover this gap.
Now the challenge…a lot of men who think they are small in this area are actually within the average measures but perception can make them think otherwise. For instance, the only way they can assess the size is by looking down at it and this automatically makes it look smaller. If you looked sideways in a mirror, you might just think, it looks longer. Men who are fat also appear to have smaller penises because the fat around the stomach may hide part of the base of the penis, making it look shorter.
It does appear that guys with small penises achieve about 100% increase in length during sexual excitement, probably nature’s way of compensating as opposed to men with longer ones who may achieve about 75% increase in length.
There are all sorts of touted treatments that help increase penile length including surgery, vacuum pumps, extenders, creams, pills etc. There is little evidence that people who go through this are satisfied with the result or that they work. Indeed, some can cause permanent damage.
So, what to do?
Take charge…lose weight if you’re overweight and have a heart-to-heart chat with your partner about this. You just may be surprised to hear that she doesn’t care. If you still feel bad about this, you may try talking with your doctor.
And finally…
To improve quality and quantity of sperm
Prevent excessive stress and perform relaxation exercises as stress has been found to contribute to infertility problems such as hormonal issues. Remember that infertility and life in general can be stressful, learn to relax.
• Stop smoking because smoking significantly reduces both sperm count and the movement of sperm-cells.
• Prevent overheating of the scrotum: When scrotal temperature rises (caused by tight underwear, long stays in a sauna or Jacuzzi, for example) sperm production can be impaired.
• Maintain a healthy weight: Not too under or overweight since weight influences estrogen and testosterone levels. So, eat healthier: fruits, veggies, complex carbs (local rice, oats, beans etc) and watch your portions.
• Stop using drugs: Prolonged use of recreational drugs (for example, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine)
Now y’all need a breather 😀
Have a good night y’all 😀
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  2. Okonkwo Clinton says:

    If could eat all this could it help me on my sperm count.EXAMPLE. Watermelon 🍉,oysters,dark chocolate,asparagus,bananas,walnuts,pumpkin seeds,beef,garlic,sprain


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