Daily Health Tips: Nose Bleeds

Q: Good morning Doc. Sorry for disturbing you this early morning. Doc, my two year old son woke up this morning, bleeding from his nose this morning with blood all over the bed sheet, though I will be taking him to the hospital later. But you see Doc, this country where we live, they behave somehow. They might just give him Paracetamol and antibiotic without running any test on him and this is the second time it’s happening to him. Please, please Doc, I really need your advice.
A: A nose bleed is called epistaxis and can happen from one or both nostrils. It can be heavy or light and last for a few seconds or a couple of minutes. It can be very frightening. I’m sure you were spooked this morning. However, thankfully, they are not usually a sign of very serious conditions.
Causes of nose bleeds include:
• Picking your nose 😀
• Blowing your nose too hard
• Dry air as occurs in winter or harmattan.
• Common cold
• Allergies
• Trauma to the nose…obviously 😀
• Alcohol use
• Pregnancy
• Use of drugs like cocaine etc
Now, what should you do if you find your baby bleeding as you did earlier today?
• Get him to sit upright and pinch the bridge of the nose just above the nostrils for about 10 to 15 minutes. Sitting upright reduces the pressure in the nose vessels reducing bleeding
• Let him lean forward and breathe with his mouth. This prevents blood from draining down the back of the throat.
• Put an ice pack on the bridge of the nose to help prevent further bleeds.
To prevent bleeds, keep your baby’s nails short and trim to prevent him scratching and hurting his nose. Then, keep his nostrils moist especially during the dry and cold seasons with some petroleum jelly.
If this nose bleed becomes frequent (more than once a week), please take your baby to see his doctor.
Have a great night everyone 😀
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