Daily Health Tips: Refresher Course On Dealing With Menstrual Cramps

Have you ever heard any of those stories about how you should take alcohol (lots of it) when you are on you period? The thing I’m not quite sure about is whether the alcohol is to make the flow faster…so you can finish bleeding in one day as opposed to 3-7 days? Or to make the cramps go away? Or just knock you out so you don’t have to deal with seeing the blood et al? Well, whatever it is, let’s tell you the whole truth…and nothing but the truth!

Here are some food-tips for when you’re on your period:

Alcohol: That’s right! You heard me right. The book makers and old wives got it wrong again. Alcohol actually causes your body to retain fluid and this worsens menstrual cramps and also causes bloating. So lay off the alcohol people.

Caffeine: This cause blood vessels to constrict and thus worsens menstrual cramps. So be sure to avoid all the foods that contain it like coffee, tea, kola nuts, chocolates and soft drinks, no matter how much your body craves ‘a sugar rush’ at this time. If you must, maybe just a teensy weensy bit!

Salt and salty foods: these also increase water retention and just like alcohol worsen menstrual cramps and cause bloating.
Dairy: Dairy products cause the formation of substances that make the uterus go into spasms, worsening menstrual cramps. So give them a miss when you are having your period.

Drink a lot of water and complex carbohydrates. They reduce water retention and fill your tummy without being unnecessarily heavy.

So when next someone shows up with some alcohol for when on your period, you know exactly what to tell them to do with it…that’s right! Pour it down the sink 😀

Have a great weekend, y’all 😀

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  1. angel00719 says:

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    Q: please Dr I need your Advice on this am a breast feeding mother I just gave birth of a baby boy last month and I and my hubby is thinking of going into family planning reason been that we don’t want to expect another baby yet until when we are ready. Thanks


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