Daily Health Tips: I Am Stressed Out!

Q: I’ve been under so much stress recently and I got so much anxiety that I hardly sleep at night. Please Dr., I really need your help and advice. If you can, please inbox me. I appreciate Ma’am. Thanks & God bless

A: It has been an interesting year, so far. If you’re in Nigeria, as the year started up, we carried over the news of falling oil prices and the dire predictions of how tough it would be this year. The falling Naira, postponed elections with companies being worried to spend money until they know the outcome of the elections (and policy thrust of the winner), the more recent petrol scarcity etc So, if you live in these climes, you have all the ingredients for, not just stress, but a melt down!

But hey…if you look around, not everyone is having a meltdown. Some are going about their business, doing better than before, or just taking each day at a time. Others are adapting to these new times and coming up with ideas made for these times etc.

So, what to do? Stress is a normal part of life and indeed, even if whatever was your source of stress were to be removed now, it’s only a matter of time before you have to face another stressor. It is really how we react to stress that makes it good stress or bad stress. Two people can experience the same problem and approach it differently. For instance, the woman who has never had a baby and gets pregnant is more likely to handle this issue in a more positive way (good stress) than a woman who already has 6 children and finds out she’s pregnant with another baby (bad stress). Same stressor, different results 

There are four things you can do (the 4As):
• Avoid the stressor: If this is possible, avoid the stressor, be they human or material.
• Alter the situation: Make compromises, make a new financial plan that captures your new financial reality etc
• Adapt to the stressor: Find out what good can come out from this situation. Look for it and focus on it (remember how the bible says that all things work together for our good?). Remember that in the very midst of tough times, do we become very creative. So, stretch yourself and your mind. This may very well be the break you’ve been waiting for, if you can open up to the experience.
• Accept the things that you cannot change: Having done all the above, accept the things you can’t change and move ahead.
Remember the serenity prayer?
God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

Obviously, when you’re stressed out, sleeping is a challenge. Please click on the link below for more information on how to deal with insomnia (inability to sleep) and stress

Remember that if you do not handle the stress, the problem with sleeping and anxiety will still remain. There are so many ailments associated with stress: hypertension, obesity, loss of libido, stomach ulcers etc. So, the first focus should be on the stress. Keep reminding yourself all the reasons you have to be thankful and be positive 😀

Have a goodnight, everyone 😀

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