Daily Health Tips: I’m Trying To Stop Smoking Pot.

Q: Good evening ma’am, how’s work and the family? Ma’am, please I have an issue which I think I would want to talk to you about and seek for help. I was once into drugs, and decided to stop after some few months. During that period, I experienced withdrawal symptoms. By the grace of God, I went through that stage. Few months later, I went into smoking pot, and for over a year now, I have smoked on constant basis (every single day). Eleven days ago, I decided to quit and face life, because everything seemed to be going wrong. I spent so much money trying to smoke. So I decided to call it quits. I once tried this, but went back after a week, but I am determined to quit this time around. My problem now is, I have vivid nightmares whenever I sleep at night. I hardly eat (though that has stopped a little). I seem to be getting over those symptoms now ma’am, but I am scared, I have little pains in my chest once in a while. Though from forums which I have been to, I haven’t seen tightness of chest as a symptom but it really bothers me. I did watch you on TV and decided to follow you and seek for help. I am really determined to quit it ma’am. I want to know whether the tightness of chest is caused from the pot or something else (though it has reduced a lot, compared to when I decided to quit). I will be really grateful if you do respond to my message ma’am. Thanks and God bless

A: Thanks a lot for writing in and for sharing. You’re almost there…the most important decision has already been taken. And that is the decision to quit. People may decide to quit by gradually reducing the amount of pot smoked per day or they may just decide to go cold turkey.

Pot, by the way, for those who don’t now is Marijuana. It’s also known as weed, grass, dope, hash etc. People take to pot for a variety of reasons. Some feel it makes them relax, others feel it’s a nice escape from whatever problems they are dealing with at the time, in some, it enhances social interaction, colours appear more vivid and time appears to slow down…in a nice way. However, it also can make people feel faint, forgetful, paranoid and experience anxiety/panic attacks, hallucinations etc and for those who use it as an escape, they find that the problems are still there when they come ‘down’ from their high! Long term use may lead to cancer, respiratory diseases like bronchitis and worsening of symptoms of heart disease, asthma etc.

Chest pain must always be checked out in the hospital. Better safe than sorry. I don’t know whether you had any previous heart disease or respiratory problems. Whatever be the case, you need to get checked out in the hospital.

Remember to keep reminding yourself about why you started smoking pot in the first instance. Write them down and then remind yourself why you want to quit…whether it’s for health reasons, realizing that your problems don’t disappear after smoking or even the hole in your pocket from having to fund this habit.

Try and identify the situations and people that trigger the drug use. If you can avoid those places or people, do. Find new hobbies and activities to take the time previously used for drug use. Continually remind yourself why you’re doing this. Find other ways of dealing with stress and angry situations. You can avoid the stress, alter it, adapt to it or accept it. Just deal with it already!

If you do have an occasional lapse, don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself and move on…reminding yourself again, why you must never go back to smoking pot.

With encouraging friends and family around you, you will be fine. Be sure to get that chest pain checked out in the hospital, as soon as possible. And Congratulations for starting out on this new journey. You shall not return to Egypt 😀

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Have a great night, people 😀

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    Q: Please Doctor, how can someone be free from drug addiction?
    A: Thanks for writing in. You did not specify what addiction you are trying to be free from. I will share the post of someone who was trying to be free from ‘pot’ addiction and other resources I have put together over time on this.


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