Daily Health Tips: Permanent Cure For Allergy?

Q: Please Doctor, is there any complete treatment for a child of 2years having allergy in his eyes? He has been taken to specialists and he has used prescribed eye drops like Spersallerg, Allerex, Zaditen and Efemoline but there has not been much improvement.

A: Eye allergies occur when an object/substance which ordinarily would not cause any problem is seen by the eye as a threat. This causes the eyes to produce antibodies to fight this threat such that when you’re exposed to this threat again, there is resultant itching, production of tears and sometimes associated nasal allergy (running nose) as the body (eye) attempts to fight off the invader.

This allergy can happen year round or it could happen at some specific times like dry season. Allergies usually tend to run in families and there would be history of other family members with asthma or other allergies.

An important part of managing allergy is finding out what your baby is allergic to. If this is known, it is easier to avoid exposure to those allergens (substances that cause allergic reactions). Try and control the environment that your baby is exposed to…which may trigger allergies:
• Use oiled or dampened dusters to clean/dust in the house
• Limit going out in dusty or pollen-filled environments
• Clean bathrooms and toilets regularly with bleach to prevent the growth of mold.
• Use mattress and piloow covers to deter dust mites.
• Encourage your baby not to rub their eyes as this makes the irritation worse. Instead use cold compresses or rinse out the eye with a saline (saline irrigation). Your doctor would have taught you to do this.
• Follow your doctor’s instructions as to the use of the eye drops and let him know if you discover allergy source.
• You could keep the eye drops in the fridge so that it’s soothing when dropped on the eyes.
For more tips to help in preventing allergic reactions, please click on the following:

Let the doctor know if the eye drops are not producing desired effect. There may be a need to review the prescription.

So, is there a permanent cure? Not really. Identifying allergens and avoiding them is a huge part of avoiding attacks and limiting episodes of this.

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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  1. Nancy says:

    Pls doctor which drugs should I use for stomach ulcer, it’s hurting me seriously pls. God bless


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