Daily Health Tips: Chest Pain After Exercise

Q: Hi Dr Ketch, I have this pain on my chest-between my breast and the shoulder region. I am a mother of 2 and my last child is 4 years old. I told you last time about my weight. I started having issues with my weight which I think is as a result of my weight. I am over 35 years and my BMI is 164.When I went to the clinic to see a doctor, I was asked to run a lipid profile test. I did this and the doctor said that my cholesterol is border-line. And my BP was 140/105mHg. I was given some drugs and was told to start exercise. I started exercise since August 25th, and I am still on it. I have lost about 10 pounds since then although the pain has increased. I also have knee and waist pain. My knee was swollen but by the help of God, the knee swelling is coming down and the pain has reduced slightly. I noticed after some push ups and dumbbell exercises, the pain is more on my chest. Why?

A: Congratulations on the weight you have lost already. It is no mean feat and has set you firmly on your road to wellness.

To summarize, your main issues are:
• High blood pressure
• High BMI in the morbidly obese category
• Knee, chest and waist pain
• Border-line cholesterol

You have taken the first step which is recognizing that you have a problem and doing something about it. The issues are really al inter-related. High blood cholesterol can lead to the deposition of fatty deposits in the blood vessels which can lead to an increase in blood pressure. Being overweight can significantly contribute to high blood pressure and also joint pains. BMI is calculated using the formula weight divided by height x height. A measure of 164 is in the category of morbidly obese! I hope you mistakenly wrote that figure or have perhaps do not know how to calculate this. Please visit my blog, http://www.chatwithdrketch.com and type BMI into the search box. You will find my posts on BMI there.

Chest pains should always be checked out in the hospital. I sincerely hope that the chest pain is not due to a complication of these situations and hopefully is just due to wrong positioning during exercise. Do you have a trainer who oversees your exercise routine? Please get one. You must not over-do it. This weight was not added in one day and can certainly not be lost in one. Even if the BMI is real, it can be worked on. I know of a support group for people working on their weight. I’ll get their information and forward to you. Please remind me over the weekend.
Two things you need to focus on: diet and exercise.

Eat right…more vegetables in your diet. Take of empty carbs as in pastries, cakes, soda and eat more complex carbs like local rice, oats, whole wheat meal, grains really etc. Remember to stay within the recommended portions which is quarter of a plate. Eat more white meat: fish, chicken breast etc Chicken breast is high in saturated fats and will also compound a bad matter.
Include activity into your day: At least 30 minutes of exercise or activity daily. Take a walk, dance, swim, run, walk around while on the phone etc. Whatever you do, make sure you rack up to 150 minutes weekly.

High blood pressure can be managed and is also amenable to lifestyle modifications like the ones mentioned above. In addition, reduce salt intake, reduce oil intake and when you need to use it, use healthy versions like Olive oil. Cook your veggies in a healthy way, reduce stress etc.
For more on hypertension, please click on the links below:



More importantly, keep reminding yourself why you’re on this journey. It’s not for your husband, nor for your babies, nor to get people off your back. This is for you! You have to feel good, inside and outside to do good. And you want to be healthy to accomplish all your desired goals.

All the best…loads of hugs and love.

Have a great night y’all 😀

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