Daily Health Tips: I Am Worried That My Baby May Have A Tongue Tie.

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Q: Doctor, good afternoon. I really appreciate ur efforts in educating d masses medically. I have something bothering my mind. When I had my baby, she seemed to have tongue tie. But the pediatrician said its nothing at 5 months. But she can’t lift d tongue up very well. When she plays with her tongue she moves it about but the tip of the tongue does not pass her lips. I’m really scared. I don’t want to take chances. Will my baby talk?
A: Thanks for writing in.

In babies with tongue tie, there’s a tight piece of skin holding the tongue down from the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This is also called ankyloglossia and could affect baby’s ability to latch on properly to suckle (as the tongue does not cover the lower gum). This can lead to baby chomping on mum’s nipple with resultant sore nipples.

First thing, do not be scared. Even if indeed, she has tongue tie, it’s not a huge problem. Some doctors believe that if it’s not affecting baby’s feeding, then it should be left well alone. But others believe, it should be taken out as there’s also a possibility that it could cause speech problems later.

The treatment, if required, is cutting through the tight piece of skin holding the tongue down. The area is usually numbed before this procedure is carried out. Older babies and adults may have to be put to sleep first (general anaesthesia).

If you disagree with your doctor about the treatment he has suggested, please seek a second opinion. Perhaps visiting a teaching hospital may present you with many options for qualified medical opinion

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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  1. chinyere says:

    Hello Dr ketch, I hv removed 2 breast lump 4rm both breast 3yrs nw bt am having pains in one of the breast. Wat do I do?


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