Daily Health Tips: Are 3 Square Meals Sufficient?

Q: How many meals should I eat in a day?

A: The jury is really still out on this one. One school of thought insists that small mini-meals every two to three hours is great and improves metabolism. The other school of thought claims that there is no significant finding that confirms that this is any better than the regular 3 square meals we’ve been used to.

Well, worldwide, we’re all agreed on the fact that more proteins, fruits, veggies and complex carbs are the way to go. If you add portion control to the mix ensuring that you have the right amount of food with fruits /veggies making up half of the plate, complex carbs taking up, a quarter of the plate and proteins in the last part of the plate, then you should be good. At this point, it won’t really matter whether you’re doing 6 mini-meals or 3 main meals all day…you’ll still be able to keep the weight off (with some exercise in the mix too :D) and really just be healthy.

Have a great day, y’all

Here’s to a healthier you!
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3 Responses to Daily Health Tips: Are 3 Square Meals Sufficient?

  1. Sunny says:

    Mini-meals are sure some serious temptation for me! What size of meal could be described as “mini”?


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