Daily Health Tips: New Year Resolutions, huh?!

Dear friends, isn’t it just amazing to be alive today, the 31st of December, 2013? It just puts into perspective the entire journey that we have all undertaken from the 1st of January till this time.

I am sure that quite a number of us are busy making and writing down resolutions for the year 2014 and I truly wish I could tell you that the power to change lies in this list of ‘New Year Resolutions’! It doesn’t! The power lies in you…and that power doesn’t appear by midnight today. It is something that you have been building on, all through the year (or at some point during the outgoing year) or something that you are going to get committed to right now. But it has nothing to do with the natural sequence of events that will happen at midnight today as 2013 gives way to 2014.

If you have already started making small changes in your health behaviour, keep at it and increase those steps to leaps πŸ˜€ – why dream small, huh πŸ˜‰ And if you have been meaning to and just not got around to it, hey, start today! Don’t even wait for tomorrow.

I was looking through a Harvard review today and they reminded me of some changes that we’d talked about all through the year. Let’s put them all together and suggest some changes that you could start off right away:

Like we’ve told you all through the year, go for at least 30 minutes of exercise daily…remembering to speak with your doctor before starting any intensive exercise program especially if you have been sedentary for long.

Eat healthier: Focus on portion control (reduce the size of the plate that you normally use to eat) and ensure that you plate right (half your plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables, a quarter of the plate with protein and the last quarter with complex carbs like beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal etc).

Work on weight loss the effective way: Rule of Thumb for weight loss -If it works too fast, it’s probably bad for you. There are no quick fixes here: magic pills, skipping meals etc. When you skip meals, you’re more likely to binge at the next meal and the weight you lose mainly is ‘water weight’. This does not encourage you to learn the self control and discipline that is crucial in being choosy about how you fill your tummy. Magic pills are exactly that…magic, not real life and they often have serious side effects.

Manage your stress better: Recognize your stress triggers and make conscious decisions on how to manage them. Don’t hide your head in the sand. Remember that while it’s convenient to blame your boss for all your life’s troubles, maybe a better option could be to learn to manage your boss better…because he’s probably not leaving anytime soon. In fact, learning the serenity prayer should be on your ‘to-do- list for 2014. Here’s an abridged version:
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Contol your finances better: This is the root cause of most of our stress. Make a budget and stick with it. Discover the joys of window shopping and make a plan for the future. It is never too late to start a savings/investment plan and make plans for the future. Remember that you don’t have to wear the latest fashion statement all the time. If you saved the money for yiur fashion statement this month, I assure you that next month, something even trendier will be the rave. Like I always say, ‘fashion never goes out of fashion!’

Speak positively concerning your situations and then go out and do something! Remember that faith without works is dead!

Finally, identify your bad habits and start making the necessary changes to your lifestyle to rid yourself of them. This includes unhealthy relationships etc. And whatever you do, this is the year that you most certainly do not want to start any other bad habits!

Have a wonderful 2014, dear friends πŸ˜€

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