Daily Health Tip: Keeping your energy levels up

It’s a brand new week (the last in November…Hurray :D) and depending on how you spent your weekend, you’re either raring to go (bring it on, boss :D) or you’re exhausted wondering how you’re going to get through a week that has barely started!!!

Well, here are three ways to keep your energy levels up during the week:

Organize and pace yourself: Make a list of all you need to achieve this week or today. Break them up into manageable daily tasks or for each day, break up your tasks into morning, afternoon and evening tasks. Take breaks in between and keep your eyes on the ball 

Take a walk: When you feel your energy levels going down, take a brisk walk. This helps rejuvenate you and of course adds to your ‘exercise’ count for the day.

Make your food count: Remember to focus on healthy snacks like nuts and fruits (which give you a sustained energy level) rather than sugary pastries which give you a quick sugar high that is followed by even more tiredness.

Have a productive week 

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