Daily Health Tip: Adult Bed Wetting

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Bed wetting hardly happens once a child gets to the age of 7 years. However, for a small percentage of children, this continues for a while longer. We will talk about bed wetting in children another time. Today’s bed wetting discourse is about this problem in adults. What could lead to bed wetting in adults?

This usually indicates a medical problem like Diabetes Mellitus, prostate problems (prostate cancer or prostate enlargement), bladder cancer, urinary tract infections or urinary tract stones. Sometimes though, it could also be due to an emotional disturbance or anxiety.

Treatment of adult bed wetting will be focused on the underlying cause. For instance, if it is due to Diabetes, the blood sugar needs to be brought under control. In the meantime, the family of these adults have to show empathy and understanding. This will help them go through this situation knowing they have a support system. Mattress protectors and adult diapers may be temporary aids until the main issue is addressed.

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