#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Washer Man’s Fingers


Q: Hello Dr Ketch, please I want to know how to get rid of washer man’s finger. It’s really spoilt 6 out of my 10 finger nails. Thanks so much.

A: So sorry you are experiencing this. I can just imagine what you may be going through. From the description of your symptoms, it’s rather difficult to say exactly what is going on with your finger nails/ hand. The term washerman’s finger, which you used may have beclouded what you really wanted us to address. Then mentioning your fingernails being spoilt, gives it the picture of a fungal nail infection. There are quite a number of conditions that can affect the hands, fingers and the nails, some of which can be a bit challenging to diagnose and even treat. I would advise you see a doctor, who would be able to have a look at your hands, fingers and nails…

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