Daily Health Tips: Hygiene As A Preventive Strategy


I was at the Redeemed camp on Thursday last week to give a talk on hygiene as preventive strategy. As usual, I was asked a lot of questions, many of which I couldn’t get around to answering. I promised to take them on this platform.

As a background to the questions, I discussed the four different aspects of hygiene:

Personal hygiene which involves taking care of ourselves with activities like taking a bath, brushing our teeth, washing hands etc
Hygiene at home which involves keeping our homes clean with activities like cleaning the bed rooms, bathrooms, toilets and areas we hardly think of which harbor a lot of germs like door knobs, light switches etc

Food hygiene which involves preventing food contamination and preparation of foods in a healthy and hygienic manner

Pet hygiene which involves ensuring we properly clean up whenever we have been in contact with animals, pets…

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