Daily Health Tips: Help! I’m Pregnant And My Doctor Says My Baby Is Too Big!


Q: Doc, I am an expectant mother in the last trimester. My Doc told me my baby is big and I decided to take tea daily. Is it safe?

A: Tea contains caffeine. There are conflicting reports as to whether some amount of caffeine is beneficial in pregnancy (less than 200mg) or whether increased amounts are a problem > or more than 500mg). One regular teabag steeped in a small teacup has about 55mg of caffeine. So, it may be a good idea to limit your consumption of tea. However, I think that tea is really one of the least of your problems right now. The focus should be on what caused the big baby and what can be done to ensure that you and baby come out okay.

Big babies are usually seen in women who

  • Are diabetic.
  • Have gestational Diabetes (Diabetes that is observed during pregnancy),
  • Are obese

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