Daily Health Tips: Why Is My Baby’s Tongue Always Hanging Out?


Q: DR Ketch,My daughter is Nine months,but she sticks out her tongue. Her tongue is always out & her mouth open (Ikpu Ire na onu…in Ibo). How do I stop this? Thanks

A: Tongue protrusion happens when the tongue hangs out beyond the lips.

The causes of tongue protrusion in children could be a couple of things:

First, it could be absolutely and completely natural and occur during the period of breast feeding when the sucking reflex is strong.

Then it could be due to a pretty small mouth with a normal sized tongue or a big tongue in an otherwise normal sized mouth.

In instances where there is loss of normal muscle tone in the body, this could also affect the tongue leading to tongue protrusion. Muscle tone is the normal resistance to movement in muscles. If the tone is lost, the muscles become flaccid. Masses or swellings on…

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