The gateway to the heart!


How come you feel sad or cry when a sad song is played? Think about it…that’s right. It’s because you heard the lyrics and perhaps it tugged at a memory. What about the pain you feel when that person you care about hurls some really nasty words at you? It’s almost like your heart is going to break, right?

All these emotions can be xperienced through one gateway only…the ears!

Have you ever wondered whether you’re taking good care of your ears? Weird question, right? Like, what can go wrong with your ears? They generally mind their business on the sides of our heads and more often than not, we don’t even notice them. That’s kind of why when you take the pains to look behind them, especially for children, you find ‘amazing’ stuff behind them…disgustingly smelly stuff, that much I can tell you!

Well, I never used to pay…

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