#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: What To Expect In Pregnancy


Q: Good evening Dr, please why does my breast remain the same even while pregnant and any solution to flattened breast? Thanks

A: Thanks for writing in. Pregnancy affects different people differently, you know. Some people will feel that their bust doubled in size immediately and for others, it’s the opposite J

Please see below, normal symptoms of pregnancy and I’ve also thrown in a bonus…the red flags (symptoms that should make you show up in the hospital immediately).

Breast tenderness: this is inevitable as your breast ducts prepare for the job of lactation. Bra sizes could go up from 1 to several sizes up. Perhaps yours went up just one or perhaps even just remained the same. It is not abnormal. If it does start to increase, be sure to get a good support bra and keep going up sizes as your breast size increases. This will help reduce sagging.

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