Daily Health Tips:Bad Breath In A 2-Year Old


Q: Good morning ma’am. Thank you ma’am for your good work. I have a daughter who, most times, her mouth smells. She is 2 years 6 month. I brush her mouth twice a day with ……. I even use cotton wool to clear the mouth and tongue. Please ma’am, what do you think I should do or use? Thank ma. You can reply me in the public forum for those who seek.

A: Bad breath at any age is traumatic but in a young child, it often leaves the parents wondering what they are doing wrong J

Improper brushing of teeth is always an issue. People argue that they brush their teeth and their children’s teeth properly, but this may not be completely true. Do you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, paying attention to every section? Do you brush your tongue? Do you floss? Remember that food…

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