Daily Health Tips: Breast Pain During Pregnancy


Q: Please ma’am, a pregnant woman that her breast is swollen up and she is complaining that her breast is paining her…which drug can she take to reduce the pain?

A: Thanks for writing in, dear. Breast pain/tenderness during pregnancy is to be expected and one of the signs of pregnancy. This is due to the hormones, Estrogen and progesterone, increase in blood flow and fat deposits in the breast…all in preparation for the job of breastfeeding the soon-to-be-born baby. To help out during this period, she should invest in a good bra that provides the right support and sleep with bra tops or sports bras when sleeping to give her more support if she’s uncomfortable while sleeping. Her partner should also understand this peculiar situation and refrain from touching her breasts during this painful period. The good news is that, this too, shall pass. Usually, by the end of…

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