Daily Health Tips: Genital Tract Tear And Uterine Rupture


Q: Please throw more light on genital tract tears and uterine ruptures, its effect on a woman who had a big baby through vaginal birth. Thanks and God bless

A: Genital tract tears or perineal tears during childbirth (vaginal delivery) as well as uterine ruptures are quite common especially in the resource poor nations where most pregnancies/deliveries do not receive adequate care or supervision.

Genital tract tears, in most cases occur when the baby’s head passes through the birth canal, or for a number of other reasons, and to differing degrees. The tear can range from a first degree tear involving the skin around the vagina alone, and no muscles involved to a fourth degree involving the perineal muscles, and extending up the anus and rectum. The risk factors include, a big baby(as you have mentioned) or if the baby’s head is big, having a previous perineal tear, an episiotomy(a…

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