Daily Health Tips: How Long Should I Use A Sitz Bath After Episiotomy?


Q: Good evening ma’am. Please ma’am, for someone that was given an episiotomy how long is she supposed to sit on warm water? If she undergoes stitching of an episiotomy twice due to opening of the 1st stitch, what can be applied on the surface or taken for quick recovery?

A: Sitz bath is a warm water bath that helps cleanse the perineum. Just in case you wondered, the perineum is that space between the rectum and the genitals. The right temperature is the one that you can handle without sustaining burns. Putting a few drops of this water on the inner surface of your wrist can help confirm this.
Plain warm water is sufficient but some people add salt to the water which is soothing. Your doctor may also suggest other things he/she may want you to add to the water.

To prepare this, you can either use the…

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