Daily Health Tips: Why Am I Losing Weight?


Q: Please doc what causes weight loss? I used to be chubby before; then, all of a sudden, like a space of 2yrs, I see myself reducing and people are complaining asking if am sick because I look like one. I am very okay, not sick and very healthy. I have gone for tests but nothing was seen. I eat but not too much; I sleep well; I drink water a lot. Please, help me. I need to get fat.

A: Interesting question!

Your weight is a combination of a couple of factors. The first two are input (how much you eat) and your activity/exercise level (how much you burn). Others include your age, your state of health, your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, stress (job loss, bereavement) etc

However, weight loss, when you’re not trying to lose weight may be due to an underlying disease condition.

Some causes of…

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