Daily Health Tips: Oats Make Me Feel Bloated!


Q: I’ve heard that taking oats is good for me,,,but I have found that when I take it, sometimes, it makes me feel bloated. What do I do?

A: Good question, I reproduce my post on bloating. It ansers this question, pretty well.

Bloating is usually caused by the twin factors of what you have eaten and how you chose to eat it.
For what you have eaten, easy culprits are rich, fatty foods, beans, dairy (especially in lactose intolerant people), high fibre foods like oats (if lots of water is not taken afterwards) etc.

How can how you eat cause you a problem?

If you tend to over-eat or rush your food (eat it very fast or like a friend of mine would say, ‘inhale’ it :D), then you are a target for bloating. The reason is that you eat so fast that you don’t give enough time for…

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