Daily Health Tips: Post Partum Depression And More Questions On Ebola!


Q: Good morning doc, please on this Ebola, is it possible for one to get re-infected after recovering from the ailment? Thanks

A: Well, it is thought that having been infected once, one develops antibodies that stop reinfection with that same strain of the virus. There are other strains of the Ebola virus, though.

Q: Hi doc, please I don’t know if you can help me with some tips on how to improve my mood naturally without the use of antidepressant. I have been feeling sort of depressed since I put to bed eight months ago. Thanks
A: Congratulations on your new baby. I am happy you have actually identified something is wrong because in our African environment, mothers with post-partum depression feel ashamed to admit the fact that they are finding it difficult to bond with their babies, feel inadequate and just feel withdrawn from everyone. You’re not alone…

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