#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Skipped Period In Adolescence


Q: Good morning Doctor…. Please! My younger sister is 13 years old and started her menstrual period January 13th this year and up till now she hasn’t seen her period again… Please is there any problem that we will worry about? Your answer will be of great help, thank you…

Q: I want to ask about my friend’s period. Actually, from last few years she started facing change in her periods. Actually, she bleeds less almost 1 and half pads but her periods come every month. Her problem is about less bleeding. Her ultrasound is also clear. Please, tell me early is it dangerous? Or it can create disturbance in her marriage because she is going to marry soon but she is very frightened about her less bleeding. Please help her as soon as possible

A: So many questions on menstrual periods J I’ll try to address everyone in this…

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