Daily Health Tips: How Do I Clean My Dirty System In Pregnancy?


Q: Good evening Dr. I really need your help. I’m six weeks pregnant and my system or rather stomach is so dirty in our language we call it (nyoko). So I’m struggling I feel like throwing up every day and nothing comes out. My lips gets dry I feel disgusted at everything I can even stomach anything unless if it’s chilly and the disadvantage is I get heart burns. PLEASE HELP ME WHAT MUST I TAKE TO CLEAN MY STOMACH WITHOUT DISTURBING THE PREGNANCY. I CAN’T KEEP SPITTING SALIVA OUT ALL DAY. MY STOMACH IS DIRTY PLEASE HELP .I CONSULTED BUT THE DR DOESN’T WONNA PRESCRIBE ANYTHING FOR ME. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE HELP ME

A: Hello, thanks for writing in. I had responded to this question a couple of weeks ago but because I wondered how many people believe this ‘nyoko’ thing, I will repost.

Please understand that pregnancy comes with various…

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