Daily Health Tips: How Do I Keep My Kidneys Healthy?


Today is World Kidney Day. It is a day set aside to raise awareness and educate people about kidney health.

So, are your kidneys healthy? Can they take you on your life’s journey for another 10…20..50 or perhaps 100 years?

Let’s give you some quick tips to keep your kidneys healthy:

Whatever you do, don’t self-prescribe! The fact that you have symptoms that kinda sound like the one your friend had yesterday, does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from the same ailment or that the same drugs would work. And that Aunty that is always free with medical advice, is not really a trained medical professional. So, odds are…she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about! 😀 Again, the chemist at the corner of the road, who you ask to ‘mix’ drugs for you knows absolutely nothing about the science of what is wrong with you, how much…

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