Daily Health Tips: How Do I Stop Diarrhea In Pregnancy?


Q: Hi Dr Ketch, please I am 4weeks pregnant. 2 days ago, I ate vegetable soup and it’s been making me purge seriously; and I also feel weak. Please what drug can you advise me to take that will stop the stooling?

A: Hi dear. Congratulations on your pregnancy. We share in your joy!

Pregnancy is a very interesting time. Your body produces pregnancy hormone that help to keep your pregnancy. However, they come with some baggage too đŸ˜€ These hormones cause constipation and they also cause diarrhea. And so, even for those that may not be able to point to specific foods they ate that could have triggered the episode may just have diarrhea due to the hormones of pregnancy J

Other causes of diarrhea especially in early pregnancy include:

Changes to diet: Most women change their diets after they get pregnant and start to eat healthier. This diet…

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