#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Anal Protrusion After Childbirth


Q: Good day Doc. please I put to bed 3 weeks ago. Just today I just find out that there is a fresh like boil coming out of my anus. If I push it in after using the toilet it will still come out. Please help me. I am so scared right now.

A: Thanks for writing in and congratulations on your baby! It does sound like you may have haemorrhoids. Piles, known as haemorrhoids in medical lingo are swollen veins in the anal canal. They can be internal, external or both internal and external can co-exist. Internal haemorrhoids occur when veins swell within the rectum and external haemorrhoids are found under the skin around the anus.

These haemorrhoids develop when there is undue pressure in the pelvic and anal area as can occur when people strain to pass faeces (if they have diarrhoea or are constipated), in pregnancy (especially…

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