Daily Health Tips: My Baby Has Hard Palms!


Q: This is lovely DC but I have something that has been bothering me for a while about my son’s palms. I thought I ask if you can help me out please. He’s 6 years old and I just discovered his palms are hard. I keep wondering why because he’s young. Is there any help I could get from you so that he will have a smooth palms again? Thank you

A: Thanks for writing in dear. You didn’t mention how long ago you noticed this. You need to take in your baby to see his doctor. The paediatrician will refer to a skin doctor. It is only after examination that a proper diagnosis can be made.

But, hard skin like you described in your son could be due to a condition called ichthyosis, an inherited skin disorder with hallmark dry and scaly skin which may be either very thick…

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