#HLWDK Daily Health Tips:Not Enough Breast Milk


Q: Doc I’ve a question, If you have plus size breast and you don’t produce enough breast milk, what can you take to have enough breast milk, beside using formula milk? Thank you again

A: Congratulations on your new baby!

Breast milk is the best food for baby, generally speaking. The supply of breast milk is based on its demand. And so, if demand for it is high, supply will be high and vice versa. The more efficiently milk is removed from the breast, the more milk production is stimulated. And so, you need to make a conscious effort to get baby to suck more.

If your baby sucks, the let-down reflex ensures that your breast fills up with breast milk. Flat nipples can appear to be a challenge for breast feeding, especially for first time mothers but remember that babies are supposed to latch on to the areola (the black…

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