Daily Health Tips: Pregnancy


Q1: Dear Doctor Ketch. I’m 8 weeks gone. But i don’t always feel pregnant even though the signs are there. I don’t feel the baby. Please help

Q2: Good day Doc. Compliments. Please I am 7 months pregnant. Lately I notice a small pile coming out of my anus. It sometimes pains me if I don’t push it in after using the toilet. I heard it’s as a result of the pregnancy. Please Doc I am scared. What is the cause and the possible cure? Thanks and God bless you.

Thanks, both, for writing in.

I will address pregnancy generally (in terms of what to expect every trimester) and of course, address the concerns raised here along the way J

Generally, the symptoms of first trimester pregnancy include:

Breast tenderness
Discharge: A thin milky discharge is normal during pregnancy
Heart burn
Frequency of urination

Tiredness and fatigue


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