Daily Health Tips: Is A Malted Milk Drink Suitable For My Baby?


Q: Dear Dr ketch, please can I use Horlicks for my 6months old baby. Thanks in anticipation

A: Hi dear, thanks for writing in.

The simple answer to your question is no. You should only introduce this after one year of age. To further help you out with weaning, which is a popular question, especially from First Time Mothers (FTM), I reproduce a post I had made on this before.

Weaning can be a trying period for a mum…when should I start? What should I give? For how long? What if he doesn’t like it? Just like adults, a good number of babies are resistant to change. They are comfortable eating what they had been eating? Life was good…why do you want to change it????  😀 Okay, that’s some babies. Others are more than happy to move on to the next stage!

When to start? At 6 months. From birth…

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