Daily Health Tips: My Baby Does Not Want To Go Off Breast Milk!


Q: G/a Dr. Please, I want know the reason why a nine month old baby refused to eat except breastfeeding. We’ve tried all what we could but are greatly surprised he didn’t eat. We have tried pap, he didn’t take it. We also tried custard, he refused to take it as well. Please Dr, what can I do? Thanks and God bless you.

A: I reproduce a post I had made to a similar question.

Just like adults, a good number of babies are resistant to change. They are comfortable eating what they had been eating? Life was good…why do you want to change it???? 😀 Okay, that’s some babies. Others are more than happy to move on to the next stage!

When to start? At 6 months. From birth to 6 months, please focus on exclusive breastfeeding with not even a drop of water. From six months, baby is ready…

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