Daily Health Tips: What Could This Breast Lump Be?


Q: Hello, good morning Doc. I have a lump on my breast. When I went to hospital, doctor said we can’t operate it because it is too small and it might go on its own. But I’m very scared and I don’t know if it will affect me when I want to get pregnant….I’m 26yrs old. Please ma’am, advise me on what to do.

A: Thanks for writing in.

The good news is that not every breast lump is cause for concern. However, all breast lumps should be checked out at the hospital.

A breast lump refers to a growth within breast tissue and can be felt/seen as a thickening, lump, hard area (different from other areas), a breast larger than the other etc

There are different causes of breast lumps and not all may apply to you. Common causes include:

Fibroadenoma: These are common in adolescents and young women…

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