Daily Health Tips: Is It Okay To Have Babies Every Year?


Q: Please Doc, is it good for a woman to be giving birth every year because my hubby said he wants it?

A: I have just the right answer to your question…from a previous post.

Interesting question! And a good one too! 😀 I smile because I had two babies in two consecutive years (2004 and 2005)! They are really a year and 9 months apart but it was kinda embarrassing when people pointed that I practically had them back to back 😀

Truth is, when you and hubby choose to have children is totally up to you but just like everything else in life, there are choices we make that may not be optimal in the long term. Having children at very close intervals (less than one and a half to two years) puts both mother and baby at risk.

For mum, she would not have had enough time to…

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