#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Nerve Pain


Q: Good afternoon ma’am. Thanks for the good works being rendered by you for masses. May God continue blessing you & your family &may your efforts be crowned gigantically. Ma’am, I want a lasting solution to the nerve pain problem I am having. I can’t walk a long distance. I can’t do exercise, I can’t do strenuous work. If I do, I’ll be having nerve pain all over my body in which analgesic drugs can’t work unless, I take carbamazepine or gabapentin. I’m not a diabetic patient. Please, which medication can I take for the lasting solution and for the avoidance of the problem? Ma’am, I’ll be expecting your reply to my inbox. I am very keen to hear from you soon. Thanks & God bless you ma’am

A: Thanks for writing in. The pain in your right leg/body needs further evaluation.

There are quite a number of causes of…

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