Daily Health Tips: I’m Close To EDD But Not Making Breast Milk Yet!


Q: Please Dr. I am close to my delivery date yet no water is coming out of my breast, Please ma’am, is it OK for me or not?

A: Hi dear, worry ye not! 😀 I’m sure your breasts will rise to the occasion of breastfeeding as soon as it’s time.

You didn’t mention how many weeks or months pregnant you are. Generally, the milk glands start the job of milk production early in pregnancy (1st trimester). Some women may notice leakage of yellowish milk from their breasts as early as second trimester but some may not see anything until after baby has been delivered.

Feeding should, ideally, start within one hour of having your baby. Your breast already has a stock of breast milk but it does take your baby sucking to make the breast milk ‘come out.’ So, the earlier you put the baby to the breast…

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