#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Hair, Hair, Everywhere Hair!


Q: Hi I need some
advice Dr, Please, I am a female and I have hair growing around my nipples, in
my anus, in my vagina (bikini line ,under the vagina lips and in towards the
back) also under my chin, I am ashamed of it and wanted to know why is it I
have hair in places like these. I also noticed the hair under the vagina lips
is causing lumps I don’t know what to do for these lumps. Please advise me. Blessings

A: Hi dear. Thanks for writing in.

What you’ve described sounds like hirsutism which is a situation
in which there is excessive hairiness in a woman in places like the face, chest
and back. Funny enough, growing up, very hairy ladies were considered pretty
special…In a good way:D

This situation can be caused by any situation that increases the
male sex hormones (androgens) or increases…

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