Daily Health Tips: What Can Cause Premature Menopause?




Q: Good morning, ma’am. Please I’d like to ask a question. If a lady does not have sex regularly, can she quickly enter menopause?

A: Interesting question! 😀

Menopause is a period defined by at least 12 months of cessation of menstrual period. It occurs as a natural process of aging which can start as early as late 30s as the ovaries start making less amounts of hormones with an average age of about 51 years. Menopause can also be induced by chemotherapy or radiotherapy (treatment for cancers), surgical removal of the ovaries etc.This is called Premature Menopause. This is also likely to run in families.

Now, in all the probable causes (natural or induced), none of it includes sexual intercourse (at all, a little or too much). Menopause is, absolutely, not affected by this.

Have a good night, peep 😉

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