#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Pains In The Chest And Upper Arm

Q: I have been having pains in my chest and upper arm region for close to two weeks now and have been using Paracetamol and Panadol, without the pains subsiding, this morning I checked my BP and I got 130/90. I’m not a BP patient, but would like the pains to stop and the BP perfect. What natural or medical remedy can I use. Thank you Dr. Ketch

A: Chest pain is not necessarily a sign of a serious medical condition, but because it could be potentially life threatening, chest pains should be checked out in the hospitals. Common causes of chest pain include:

Chest sprain/sprain. This condition would typically be relieved by rest and is brought on by a chest injury or exertion

Heartburn. Typical symptoms include regurgitation (bringing up) of ingested food and/or bitter tasting fluid, feeling bloated. Symptoms usually start after eating and are usually described as burning.

Anxiety or panic attack. Symptoms include palpitations and fast heart beats, dizziness, sweating and is usually triggered by a stressful situation

Pneumonia. Associated symptoms include coughing (yellow or green mucous), high temperature and chest pain on breathing in and out

Shingles. Symptoms include skin rashes that turn into blisters and tingling on the skin

Heart problems. This is the key reason why chest pains should be checked out in the hospital because it could be a heart attack, which is life threatening. Other common causes include angina (caused by poor blood flow to the heart) and pericarditis, in which the protective covering around the heart becomes inflamed with leakage of fluid into it. Chest pain from heart problems is usually described as pressure, fullness, burning or tightness in your chest

So, my advice would be to go get checked out in the hospital and this should be immediate if the chest pain spreads to the back, neck or arms; makes your chest feel tight or heavy, lasts for more than 15 minutes, starts with sweating, shortness of breath and/or feeling of being sick

All the best!

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