Daily Health Tips:Consequences of Penile Enlargement


Q: Dear Doc, I am a 26 year-old guy. Are there any future consequences of penis enlargement? It’s not that I am too small down there. I am 6 inches when erect and can be very small when flaccid. But it’s embarrassing cos i think its small. I am considering enlargement because I need to be able to satisfy my future wife very well. So please, just be honest with me with the probable future consequences. Thanks so much ma’am.

A: Thanks for writing in. Very interesting question. Should you or shouldn’t you? Well, I’ll help you out with excerpts from a post I had written a while back on a related subject.

Here goes…

The issue of penile length has been a problem forever and people generally think that bigger is better. Is it? The average penile length is about 8 to 13cm when not erect and this can…

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