#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Hole In My Tooth!


Q: Hello Doc I want to know why there is hole in my tooth I can(not) drink water with eas(e)y on that side of my tooth (be)cause of the coldness I will receive.

A: Tooth aches are mainly due to tooth decay, which may give rise to a hole in the tooth.

How does a tooth get to the point of a cavity/hole? There are bacteria that live naturally in the mouth. When we eat foods rich in sugar and starch, the bacteria act on these foods and produce acids. These acids can eat away at the enamel covering of teeth. If these foods are eaten often, serious damage can be done to the teeth leading to the formation of cavities and subsequent decay as the acid eats its way through the enamel and may even get to the nerve ending! Imagine the quantum of pain, this person will experience!

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