Daily Health Tips: Longer Menstrual Periods After Having A Baby


Q: Good morning Doc! I hope that you are OK. Sorry Doc, I have a problem. I delivered two months ago, and decided to use contraceptive injection as a means of family planning. However, I started seeing my menstrual period, but the problem is, it is 11 days now and I’m still seeing it. Is that a problem or it is normal?

A: Congratulations on your new baby. Different women report different changes with their menstrual periods after child birth. Some report longer periods. Others report shorter periods; some others report less pain and others observe absolutely no change at all 😀

There’s really nothing wrong when you experience prolonged menstrual periods after having a baby. Remember that the baby in your womb had stretched your uterus (womb) and so there’s a lot more surface available for the bleeding to come from. It should normalize after a while. However, if…

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