#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Delayed Development?


Q: I’m sorry for coming to your
inbox late in the night. Thank you for the sacrifice you are paying to educate
all your fans. My nightmare is about my little daughter, who I delivered in
late December 2017. She is one year and almost four months now. She didn’t crawl
at all, and up till date, she only walks with the aid of the table and the bed
side. I stopped breastfeeding her a month ago, because she is so much attached
to me, that she doesn’t allow people to carry her. She is too fond of me.
Whenever I drop her with my grandma, and she doesn’t see me, she will play with
other people. However, when she sees me, she starts crying profusely, if I don’t
give her my total attention. Like I must not stand up beside her or even go to
the restroom. The ‘biggest’…

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